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operative report template is a operative report sample that gives infomration on operative report design and format. when designing operative report example, it is important to consider operative report template style, design, color and theme. at its core, an operative report is simply the summary of a surgical procedure that becomes part of the patient’s medical record. additionally, the operative report, or op report for short, captures the details required to submit a claim to insurance that provides reimbursement to the surgeon, care team, and the facility. there is a structure to be followed for the generation of clean claims along with important time-based requirements as indicated by the joint commission. the heading section includes information about the facility, patient demographics, date of service, name(s) of the surgeon(s) and anesthesiologist(s), pre and post operative diagnoses, and procedure performed among other data points. next in the operative report’s structure is the history and indications for surgery. the body of the operative report is the most important and is where the surgical narrative is documented.

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a pro-tip for surgeons that will keep your billing team happy is to provide a description of whether the procedure was performed bilaterally or unilaterally and on which side. other important information to include in the body are the approach, implants/devices used, use of robotics or other surgical assistance, specimens collected, intraoperative monitoring, and any portions performed by another surgeon. finally, in the findings & follow up section, the surgeon must provide a summary of the procedure, note any complications that arose, and provide guidance for follow up or future procedures. as previously mentioned, a complete op report secures reimbursement for the surgeon and becomes part of the patient’s medical record. the status quo for the completion of an op report is to create a voice file that is then worked up by a transcription company. this speed bump can be completely eliminated, though, through the use of our op note solution.

the operative report is perhaps the single most important document in a surgical chart. the operative report is the document used most to reimburse claims for the surgeon, surgical team, and the facility. let’s breakdown the four basic sections of an operative report and their requirements. the history/indications for surgery section of the op report describes why the surgery is needed and the actions preceding the surgery, if applicable. the body of the operative report contains: description of the procedure(s) – all procedures from the beginning (prepping) to the end (closure and dressings) must be documented in this section. if performed unilaterally, the correct side must be documented.

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description of the procedure(s) is the most important part of the operative report. it is vital to code from this section and not code just from the procedure listings in the heading. the procedures listed in the heading should only give the coder a checklist of what to look for in the body of the operative report. in certain instances, more definitive, reportable diagnoses or complications may be found in the history/indications for surgery section and body of the operative report than what may be listed the heading. and for discontinued procedures, the reason for discontinuing the procedure must be documented. about the author: jessica g. kibbe, coc, cpc, cascc, is an asc coding specialist with acadiana coding services. she is the 2020 president-elect for the lafayette, la., local chapter.

operative notes are the detailed and comprehensive documentation of a surgical procedure that is recorded by the surgical team. given the importance of ensuring quality surgical notes, billing requirements, medicolegal concerns, and other secondary applications of operative notes, effective operative note documentation is critical. the operative note is an essential part of the medical record and provides a detailed account of the surgical procedure performed, including all pertinent information such as the specific steps taken, instruments used, findings, and outcomes. it is the most significant piece of information in the surgical chart. the operative report is the most common document used to support claims for payment to the surgeon, surgical team, and facility.

operative report documentation is also important for auditors and payers to confirm that the supporting paperwork matches all of the codes listed on the claim. like other medical reports, operative report documentation is a significant document in the ehr. partnering with a reputable medical transcription outsourcing company can transform surgeon dictations into correct surgical notes. as one of leading medical transcription companies, mos medical transcription services understands the importance of precise documentation and focus on providing quality medical transcription services that will meet and exceed your expectations. © 2002 – 2024 mos medical transcription services, a service by managed outsource solutions. website design by medresponsive