outdoor plants

some of the listed plants are toxic to either animals or humans. the strappy tropical leaves of the bromeliad (bromeliaceae) are a fun patio accent, whether or not your plants decide to produce a bloom. place containers of these colorful and profuse blooms in a shady part of the patio protected from the afternoon sun, and keep plants moist at all times.

add them to the edge of a patio urn or hanging basket, where they will cascade and trail attractively over the sides. plant them at the container’s edge, in front of a tall spiky plant like purple millet, and enjoy the rainbow of colors. smaller plants, such as heavenly bamboo grow to 7 feet and may be a better choice for patio container gardens. plants are hardy to zone 2 in the ground and may survive the winter in a container in a sheltered area.

house plants, trees, flower plants, garden flowers and indoor plants are great for upgrading or accentuating your decor. from succulents, snake plants and air 20 best patio plants for a lush outdoor space ; 1 fan flowers. purple fan flowers ; 2 strawberry plant. strawberries growing in terra cotta pot ; 3 the best places to buy outdoor plants online from vegetables to perennials include the home depot, lowe’s, tractor supply, and brighter, .

you may see croton plants (codiaeum variegatum) in the houseplant section of the garden center, but they make excellent patio plants and will grow much larger these hardy outdoor plants won’t just boost your home’s curb appeal, but they’ll survive every condition, even a dry, sandy, or shady yard. an outdoor garden in your own home. durable pots and the plants to go with them bring the joy of flowers and greenery home to you. so go green and start, .

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