paint booth sprinkler system

the first time i was presented with someone in need of an estimate to protect a paint booth was many years ago. i quickly gained some new insight reading the rest of section by learning that i needed to have the sprinklers protecting the booth controlled by a control valve. it seemed to be a reprint of what i had found in nfpa 13. this shouldn’t have been a surprise since the information was brought into nfpa 13 from nfpa 33 using nfpa’s extract policy. after a call to the gc, i was pointed to the owner as the paint booth was an “owner-supplied piece of equipment” so i would need to contact them.

with plans in hand on the booth and a manufacturer to call if i had questions, i found that the dashed line wasn’t one 20 ft x 30 ft rectangle; that was just one part of it. another thing we needed to determine was where this intake air was coming from, after reminding myself of the section i read about protecting the sprinklers from freezing conditions. i also discussed access to these sprinklers with the hvac contractor, to which i was told, “he had never heard of such a thing” followed very closely by “who’s paying for that, not me i hope?!”. after years of doing these, i am much more confident that the way were are proposing and installing these systems is the right way to do them – with submitting to many authorities over the years.

in these instances, overspray from paint or resin could gradually coat the fire sprinkler and prevent it from functioning properly or at all. but covering it up to protect it from the damages of overspray could also result in its malfunction. if you work in or manage a building that has fire sprinklers in a spray area or paint booth, and you are unsure of whether you can or should cover them and how to do so properly, keep reading for better clarification of the rules and suggestions on how to best protect them. they had indicated that a “plastic” bag of no more than 0.003 inches thick (0.076 mm) could be used to cover and protect a fire sprinkler head in a room where overspray would be a problem.

fortunately, as a result of further study, in the more recent editions, the nfpa updated their language to be very specific about the acceptable materials for fire sprinkler coverings. the reason plastic bags (polymer-based material) are dangerous to use on fire sprinklers is because during a fire, the heat can cause the bag to shrink and melt even before the sprinkler is activated. when under testing by the nfpa, lightweight cellophane bags caused no adverse effects on the function of fire sprinklers. if you are still unable to find them, then simply using thin paper bags may be the easiest solution if your fire sprinklers must be located in the spray area or paint booth. for professional assistance to ensure your facility is safe, the experts at koorsen fire & security are here for you.

sprinkler systems, as regulated by nfpa 13, are one common way to comply with this standard. if a fire is ignited, the automatic sprinklers will turn on to put this system is for & 8601 model paint booths only. contact us for a quote on any other paint booth. provide advanced protection in highly when sprinkler systems are used to protect against paint spray fires, special attention to the type of system is warranted. for spray booths,, paint booth fire suppression system for sale, paint booth fire suppression system cost, paint booth fire suppression requirements, paint booth fire suppression requirements, ansul paint booth fire system.

response: yes. if a structure meets the definition of a spray booth, then it is required to be equipped with approved automatic sprinklers on the upstream and a paint booth fire suppression system is built to detect and extinguish fires. to remain nfpa code compliant and learn about installation, read our blog. i figured the next step would be to check nfpa 13, standard for the installation of sprinkler systems, for some answers, as normally a little, nfpa 13 paint booth, paint booth code requirements.

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