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one of the most rewarding things about pavers is how beautiful they look, even as time goes on. that’s why we’ve set out to cover the main reasons you need to install a paver edge correctly and the five different options that are available for you to use for your hardscape. without an edge restraint, pavers will move, shift, and lose their interlock over time. hardscapes should always have a secure edge to maintain the pavers’ quality, beauty, and life. if the edge restraint is placed on the bedding layer, it will hold the pavers in place just fine for a while. eventually, traffic and weather will erode the bedding layer out from under the edge restraint and the edge will fail enmass. the decision should be made partially depending on the type of space you have and your preference for aesthetics. perma-edge is a concrete-like product that you layer right on the edge of the pavers.

this is the best option for a paver edge and the recommended product for a low-profile, long-lasting finished edge. this paver edge is what it sounds like—a curb-style concrete border that will provide a sturdy and neat finish to the edge of your pavers. a concrete curb is the best solution for commercial applications and driveways as it holds the stones in place no matter what. a concrete bond beam is a solid, reliable, and hidden way to secure your hardscape for good, however, it requires some skill to execute properly. if you are looking to finish an edge where there’s some elevation change such as a swimming pool deck, retaining or garden wall, or a set of steps, you’ll need to use a step edge. are you ready to get started on the process of installing your paver patio, driveway, or walkway? check out our paver finder quiz to find the product for your particular application. that’s why we made a short and simple quiz that asks a few questions about what you’re looking for and, at the end, provides a recommendation, or two, you can start with. we carry pavers, patio pavers, driveway pavers, landscape pavers, retaining wall design, fire pit kits, fireplace kits, and a huge selection of installation guides.

a neat edge can provide the finishing touch to a lawn and add definition between different areas of your yard. to achieve this look, you will need to dig a shallow trench between your lawn and path, line it with some protective sheeting to prevent weeds from growing through, and then, fill the top with pebbles of your choice. due to their size and modern design, blocks like this won’t come cheap, but they are a real feature in a garden and will stand the test of time. it is so easy to do, transforming the edges of your lawn or flowerbeds in a matter of minutes.

this traditional way to edge your garden gives a wholesome look to your home. to achieve this look, use plenty of flowers in the space between your walkway and lawn to create a look of fullness and abundance. this type of garden edge will usually require the help of a professional, who will be able to source a custom curb to your liking and install it. potted plants around the perimeter of your garden can bring some interest to a dull edge. edging your garden is a great way to increase the curb appeal and value of your home.

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