pike pole fire fighting

there is quite a bit of scattered information on the web regarding this tool, so to help guide you, we’ve put together a short (but definitive guide) about pike pole fire fighting uses plus some extra bonus content such as background and history.. we’ll get to the uses of pike poles in just a hot second. by using a pike pole, firefighters can quickly break windows or structures to initiate ventilation. using a pike pole is a good way of checking whether there is a fire behind the areas you can’t see. after the interior team is alerted, the firefighter can initiate the effort to break through the ceiling and establish a purchase point.

while the majority of pike poles on the market are made from fiberglass, we have discovered that stainless steel surpasses all the other options. firefighters can use this tool in zero visibility and not have to locate a ceiling fixture to push through. we can trace back the earliest resemblance of today’s pike poles and hooks to approximately the 12th century in europe. these were very popular tools for firefighters during that era and has served as a base point for all the subsequent improvements that have been made on the pike pole since then. the variations of firefighting pike poles were created to successfully tear apart the sort of building construction that was encountered on a routine basis by firefighters, for instance, tongue and groove or lath and plaster.

the earliest resemblances to pike poles and hooks carried by today’s firefighters originated in europe around the 12th century. in the 1600s, the modern-style pike pole was manufactured and used for the demolition of homes and businesses in order to create fire breaks to stop the massive conflagrations that routinely swept through cities. large metal rings were attached to the exterior walls of buildings in order for these long pike poles to latch onto and tear them down. these hook variations were developed to effectively tear apart the type of building construction routinely encountered by these firefighters, such as lath and plaster or tongue and groove. finding hidden pockets of fire and conducting overhaul is a primary utilization of the tool.

firefighters will breach the ceiling with the ends and points of the hook and pull down pieces of sheetrock and plaster to the floor. the several variations of today’s hooks all serve a valuable purpose in completing overhaul tactics on the fire scene. for example, a 6-foot hook and water can is often carried by the “can position,” while a firefighter filling the “outside vent” position will carry a 6-foot hook and a halligan bar. the hooks of the fire service have a storied history to match their multiple variations and functions. vince bettinazzi joined the myrtle beach (s.c.) fire department in 2007. he currently holds the rank of battalion chief and is assigned as a shift commander on c-shift. he completed the nfa’s managing officer program in 2016, and recently obtained his chief fire officer designation from cpse.

pike poles are long metal-topped wooden, aluminium or fiberglass poles used for reaching, hooking and/or pulling on another object. they are variously used in boating, construction, logging, rescue and recovery, power line maintenance, and firefighting. contemporary fire fighting pike poles measure between 4 to 12 feet and are made of various materials like stainless steel, fiberglass and sometimes wood. a primary tool for firefighters since its inception, a pike pole is an essential part of your firefighting arsenal. safely search for and uncover fires pike poles & hooks. a variety of metal pike poles and hooks for rescue personnel. 104 products. sort & filter. show 12 products per page, show 24 products, pike pole fire fighting uses, pike pole fire fighting uses, firefighter tools, antique firefighter pike pole, aluminum pike pole.

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