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policy manual for nonprofits template is a policy manual for nonprofits sample that gives infomration on policy manual for nonprofits design and format. when designing policy manual for nonprofits example, it is important to consider policy manual for nonprofits template style, design, color and theme. a nonprofit policies and procedures manual is a document that outlines the policies and procedures that govern the operations and activities of a nonprofit organization. better risk management: a comprehensive manual can help to minimize the risk of legal and financial problems by providing guidelines for activities that could expose the organization to liability. this policy is established to ensure that each gift to the organization is structured to provide maximum benefits to the community, the donor, the organization, and the beneficiaries of the organization’s charitable purposes.

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a non-discrimination policy is self-explanatory – it states explicitly that your organization will not discriminate in any way and applies to hiring, internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, and terminations. a board election and retention policy is a simple policy that states the criteria for both serving on the board of directors and remaining a board member. these foundational policies are far from flashy or fun to create or update, but they can be significant to the health and maturity of your organization and serve to protect your organization in unexpected moments. just plug in your organization name, and specifics where you’d like to make adjustments, and schedule a time to review the document with your board, tax advisor, or attorney.

the purpose of policies is to protect and steer the staff and the board as they fulfill the mission of the organization. they are a reference tool for appropriate action, ethical decision making, and for dealing with potential or actual conflicts. these policies define the role of the board members, how they are elected, how they function during board meetings, and how their work is structured. also, the bylaws clarify how amendments are made to the original document: bylaws are an evolving document that needs to be reviewed by the board on a regular basis. new policies are regularly needed to deal with situations that arise in the life of an organization.

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the board signs each major organizational policy to show its responsibility — it does not get involved in detailed staff processes and procedures. staff involvement in the process is important, particularly as it will be implementing many of the policies. the secretary or a designated staff member is responsible for keeping all board records easily accessible and up-to-date. an organization must identify the policies necessary to direct its activities and decision making. here is a sample, but by no means an exhaustive list of policies that can prepare the organization to function in a more effective and accountable manner.

a. drafts of policies, procedures and statements specifically for nonprofits.b. established models for use by staff and volunteer managers.d. sample plans, forms, records, and reports specifically for nonprofits. 1. total quality management by ellen earle chaffee and lawrence a.      sherr. 3. building a total quality culture by joseph e. champoux and       lenore b. goldman. 6. empowerment and teamwork in the quality organization by       denise gallaro, michael e. knight, gay lumsden and donald      lumsden. 7. strategic planning and management by objectives by d. kerry      laycock. 9. the total quality approach to staff development and training by       larry j. geringer.10. 13. performance evaluation by mark d. michaels.14.

15. compensation management by mark d. michaels. 16. fund-raising overview by james m. greenfield. 18. membership development by constance clark. 20. planned giving, by lynda s. moerschbaecher and erik d. dryburgh. 23. the corporate support marketplace by lester a. picker. 25. fund-raising assessment by james m. greenfield and john dreves. 29. fund-raising consultants by henry goldstein. 34. law and taxation by bruce r. hopkins. 35. fund-raising rules and regulations by bruce r. hopkins. founded in 1960, americans for the arts is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education.