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you hear and read it all the time “quality soil is the foundation of beautiful, productive and healthy gardens and containers”. grab a handful of moist soil and gently squeeze. you may decide to take a sample and send it to the university extension or a state certified soil testing lab for analysis. this creates a consistent soil mix in the root zone for better drainage and moisture-holding ability. mixing compost with topsoil or potting mixes provides all the benefits of compost and your garden soil or potting mixes. avoid extremely hot compost that is still in the midst of the composting process.

incorporate 2 to 4” of finished compost into the top 12 inches of soil when starting a new garden. spread a half an inch of compost over the soil surface. check the label to see what the bag contains and recommendations for its use. many gardeners prefer to know the ingredients are free of pesticides and other contaminants. set the container in a container of warm water and wait for the potting mix to rehydrate. i choose to replace the potting mix in my annual planters each year.

it’s hard to tell what the differences are and if you are using the right peat free compost. this is a soil improver and should never be used to fill pots or seed trays. and you also don’t want to use topsoil in containers. you can also use seed compost to repot seedlings and young plants. it’s a middling mix between seed compost and potting compost, and can be used as a substitute for either. many people think john innes is a brand, but it’s actually a recipe from a gardener by the name of john innes, and any brand can make it. the ji seed compost is used for sowing seeds. a year or so later, you should repot the plant into a larger container filled with ji no3 and it won’t need repotting again for a couple of years.

but they are dense and heavy and drainage is not too good, making them the wrong choice for seedlings and containers like hanging baskets. but there are other types of compost for specific purposes and plants. this helps plants to last longer and is a good choice if you struggle to water and feed as often. you can also buy gritty cactus compost and coarse orchid compost if you need to repot houseplants. do not use this for potting up trees – use john innes or peat-free potting compost instead. refresh the compost in pots every year or so to replace nutrients. apply a liquid fertiliser every two to four weeks during the growing season, or mix in slow-release granules at planting time. especially clarifying that home made compost is a soil improver, rather than a potting compost. this interchangeable term is confusing – and i’ve been (trying tin) garden for about twenty years.

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