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problem management policy template is a problem management policy sample that gives infomration on problem management policy design and format. when designing problem management policy example, it is important to consider problem management policy template style, design, color and theme. problem management supports the itil process to find and fix the root cause of issues that result in incidents. within the platform, problems are handled using the task record system. each problem is generated as a task record through various means, and is populated with the pertinent information. associating a problem with a configuration item using basecamp helps the problem management team see the affected items and its relationship to other configuration items. associating incidents provides the problem management team with access to the information gathered during incident investigation. if the problem management team has a problem model process for dealing with certain problems, they can be added to the system with workflows.

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as a problem is updated, emails are sent to concerned parties. you can use the other active tasks icon next to configuration item to look up active problem records. the platform provides escalation rules to ensure that problems are handled promptly. if a problem needs a change request to be resolved, it is possible to request a change that goes through the change management process. state transition of a problem guides you through the stages of a problem life cycle, from creation to closure. state transition of a problem task guides you through the stages of a problem task life cycle, from creation to closure.

the primary objectives of this itil process are to prevent incidents from happening, and to minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented. the problem management process described here (fig. 1) follows the specifications of itil v3, where problem management is a process in the service lifecycle stage of service operation. itil 4 therefore refers to problem management as a service management practice, describing the key activities, inputs, outputs and roles. since the processes defined in itil v3 have not been invalidated with the introduction of itil v4, organizations can still use the itil v3 process of problem management as a template. the yasm service management model includes a process for managing problems that is a good starting point for organizations that wish to adopt itil 4. problem management seeks to minimize the adverse impact of incidents by preventing incidents from happening. the categorization and prioritization of problems should be harmonized with the approach used in incident management, to facilitate matching between incidents and problems.

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if possible, problem management will provide a workaround – a temporary solution that can be used for dealing with related incidents while a permanent solution for the problem is being developed. this will ensure the problem record contains a full historical description and that all relevant records are updated. yasm® is a registered trade mark of it process maps gbr. —   cobit® is a registered trademark of isaca. iso/iec 20000® is a registered trademark of iso. usmbok™ is a registered trademark of virtual knowledge solutions international incorporated (vksii). siam™ is a registered trademark of exin. bic process design® and bic platform® are registered trademarks of gbtec software ag.