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process handbook template is a process handbook sample that gives infomration on process handbook design and format. when designing process handbook example, it is important to consider process handbook template style, design, color and theme. the kansas special education for exceptional children act expands federal law and regulations to include children who are identified as gifted and provides an opportunity for children enrolled in private schools by their parents to receive fape. the kansas state department of education is required to provide information regarding any rules, regulations and policies not required by idea 2004 or federal regulations. the information provided in the kansas special education process handbook attempts to clarify and define legal requirements of the law and regulations.

process handbook format

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users of the kansas special education process handbook are encouraged to update any future documents which provide clarification to the law and regulations by ksde or the office of special education programs (osep). special education is not a place to which one or a group of students in a school goes; it is supportive services that are given to some students so that they may progress in and be a part of the general education curriculum. all students are general education students and all students benefit from parents being involved in education, not just the special education part of it. to request accommodations or for more information please contact the office of general counsel at or by 785-296-3201.