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real estate operations manual template is a real estate operations manual sample that gives infomration on real estate operations manual design and format. when designing real estate operations manual example, it is important to consider real estate operations manual template style, design, color and theme. have you ever gone to hire and onboard a team member, only to find yourself even busier than before you hired them? in the real estate industry, you might also hear sops referred to as your real estate operations manual or your real estate policies and procedures manual. the purpose of an sop is to provide detailed instructions about how to carry out a task so that any team member can do it correctly every time. once you have your sops clearly and concisely documented, it is so much easier to train new employees and delegate or outsource tasks. also include when the document was last updated, so that you always know if it’s out of date. include clear action steps that are accurate or that apply to 95 percent of cases.

real estate operations manual overview

when they come to you for everything, you just become an assistant to the rest of your team. you need to give your team members clarity so they can know exactly what constitutes a job well done. you can also place it in a google drive accessible to the whole team. this will allow your team members to quickly locate the sop they need by searching by department or sop title, saving time and reducing the need for you to answer procedural questions on a daily basis. if you experience churn on your team, you don’t have to keep personally training them. to make the videos, use a screen recording software (i recommend loom) so that when you’re creating a new sop, you can go through the task on the computer and record what you’re doing so a trainee can easily follow along. want more support with setting up systems, automation, and building a high-performance team so you can scale to seven figures?

intellectually, i know this document is important because it’s a record of how every system in the business works. then i would procrastinate it to the point where i essentially just needed to create an all-new operation manual. to me, “operations manual” is boring and tedious and no one wants to open it. it’s all of google’s apps, but it’s practically unlimited and i have total control over adding and deleting team members. i put the period at the beginning so it would rise to the top of all the other folders in my drive. this was the first time we held this event, so i wanted to document everything we did. at that point, we looked at the calendar for next year and decided when each step needed to take place. due to the unlimited storage, i can record a video of anything and store the raw mp4 file directly into the folder. i don’t have to upload the video to youtube although that’s still an option if i want to link to the video inside a google doc.

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when creating a playbook, your goal is to get everything out of your head and into the playbook. you want to make it so that someone else who has never worked on your team or even in real estate can take your playbook and execute the system or standard or script. what you really want to document is your standard for the variables within the system. it’s funny how our agents like to use this tag because they think a new lead needs to be on the mailing list, but there’s no address for the lead! hence, it’s important to document what each tag means and when to use them (not necessarily how to assign the tag to the contact). if your goal is run a business that operates like a well-oiled machine (or you want someone new to the business to look like they know what they’re doing!) then, you can flip a switch, put the plan into place, and execute at a high level. i think the playbook sounds like a lot more doable. i am creating one for each part of the real estate business and it is overwhelming. do you have an example of the playbook?