rockery stones

from lining a pathway to building a retaining wall, rocks are essential building and design tools. most rock and building sand suppliers offer extensive sizing options, from pea gravel and utility sand to large rockery rocks. in this article, we’ll be discussing stone options on the larger end of the spectrum: rockery rocks. however, rockery rocks can be used in a variety of application beyond decorations. generally, rockery rocks refer to boulders about half-man size and up to five man and beyond.

the sizes increase quickly from there– rockery rocks that are five man in size might weigh well over a thousand pounds! while half-man and one-man rocks may be moveable by hand, rocks that are two man or more might require special equipment to maneuver. rockery rocks can be used to build retaining walls or to create stone borders around properties and driveways. sometimes, rockery rocks are used to build stone steps, benches, and columns. though humble, rockery rocks are incredibly useful for many landscaping projects.

boulders, slate rockery and walling are the perfect way to create eye-catching features within a garden setting. our boulders come in various sizes and our stunning slate rockery is ideal for a variety of garden applications including rockeries, borders, water features or general landscaping. boulders are generally larger than slate rockery and there is a remarkable difference in colour, shape and texture. welsh quartz and granite boulders are angular and rugged and feature tones of dark and medium greys with hints of brown and pink. longer than normal rockery pieces, our stylish multicoloured rustic slate rockery features a beautiful hand selected range of plum, green and blue rustic slabs.

boulders are available in three different sizes: 150-400mm (approx 30-50 per crate), 400-600mm (3 or 6 per pallet) and 700-1200mm. rockery is delivered in wire cages of approximately 50-70 pieces for graphite grey slate rockery 250-400mm or 50-75 pieces for multicoloured rustic slate rockery 300-700mm. interested in seeing how our lovely customers have used boulders to create beautiful rockeries in their gardens? at decorative aggregates, we specialise in garden gravel, decorative aggregates, cobbles, pebbles, slate, granite, rockery stone, glass aggregates and garden features. * to qualify for free delivery the minimum order required is either 25 poly bags, 50 poly bags of the same material or a bulk bag, some postcodes may vary.surcharges apply to some postcodes and products.

the term “rockery” refers to rock gardens or alpine gardens, which feature decorative stones the size of small boulders. rockery rocks, then browse our range of rockery stone today, from rounded boulders to feature monoliths, we have decorative rockery stones for every landscaping project. boulders, slate rockery and walling are the perfect way to create eye-catching features within a garden setting. boulders and rockery stones come in all, .

rockeries have a great effect in any garden design giving a random solid base for planting or supporting raised areas. generally, a rockery stone can be rockery stones are exceptionally versatile and offer an array of opportunities to get creative in the garden. from making an attractive rockery for very large heavy garden rockery stones/rocks. will need wheelbarrow etc to move. £3.00. collection in person. or best offer. only 1 left., .

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