rotary nozzle

r-van provides a full line of high-performance rotary nozzles that are engineered to deliver the most efficient coverage while offering  installation and maintenance that’s faster and easier than any other rotary nozzle on the market. the customizable cirrusic dashboard has been designed from the ground up with our users in mind. the dashboard is your personalized landing page that gives you all the information you need at-a-glance. the quick access toolbar puts your most common activities just one click away. just click programs. the programs page gives you an overview of all of your programs and program details. want to add a new program? click on the quickirr™ button to see it in action.

simply select all of the items you want to edit, click the edit button, and choose the settings you wish to modify. click “done” and all of your selected programs are updated. diagnostics are constantly running in the background checking for signs of potential issues and automatically delivering the results to you. cirrusic does it for you and alerts you when something needs your attention. customize the settings for each user including access level, units of measure, language and more! put the information that’s important to you front and center. you’ve seen just a few features cirrusic has to offer. cirrusic is the culmination of rain bird’s experience, its technology, and its singular focus to bring you the central control solution you’ve been asking for.

we rely on it in the winter to get the corrosive materials from the road off of our semis and trailers. their technicians are friendly and professional and they do great work.&quot we use the reznor waste-oil heater to heat a 100’x80’ section of our shop. we can’t give enough credit to hotsy equipment co. our hotsy works flawlessly.&quot i am very satisfied with my hotsy power washers; both the portable one that i have had for 18 years and the stationary unit that i have had for just a couple years. it does a great job removing road film and the application is incredibly easy to apply with our hotsy.&quot our cuda parts washer works really well for us.

whether we’re washing our car or tractor our hotsy has a lot of pressure and the hotsy detergents we use are astounding. it does everything we need it to do to keep our firehouse clean.&quot before our hotsy we had a different brand of pressure washer that we used to clean our trucks. not only do we like the way the hotsy performs, it has been virtually trouble free.&quot we trust hotsy’s service technicians to maintain and regularly check our machines. it seems like the more we use power-shine the easier it is to keep our trucks clean. once you turn the power on you’re ready to wash. they work great.

rotary nozzles feature rotating stream technology which uniformly delivers water at a low precipitation rate, significantly reducing runoff and erosion. r-van provides a full line of high-performance rotary nozzles that are engineered to deliver the most efficient coverage while offering installation and rain bird rn series rotating nozzles deliver gentle, visually appealing streams of water at a lower rate allowing the water and nutrients to penetrate the, rotary spray nozzle, rotary spray nozzle, 14rnvapro, r-van strip nozzles, sprinkler nozzles.

full rotary nozzle design versatility allows the contractor to carry fewer nozzles in their trucks. the 90° – 270° adjustable arc will fulfill 80% – 90% of rotary nozzles feature low precipitation rates, uniform water distribution, and increased watering radius. most nozzles are color-coded for easy identification, rain bird rotary nozzles help reduce water waste and make it easier to design systems. the rotary nozzle is a truly remarkable innovation with a low, rain bird nozzle replacement.

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