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rto policies and procedures template is a rto policies and procedures sample that gives infomration on rto policies and procedures design and format. when designing rto policies and procedures example, it is important to consider rto policies and procedures template style, design, color and theme. you need a structured return to office (rto) policy that makes the transition easy and entices your employees to return. once you draft your policy, you can send a follow-up survey to your employees to determine how comfortable they are with the steps and address any concerns. lastly, give employees a contact list if they have questions about returning to the office or the rto policy. for example, if you’re using the hybrid method, you might allow employees to work only one day of their choosing in the office instead of two or three.

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a gradual return policy will help employees acclimate more efficiently and reduce the risk of in-office burnout. hras are a flexible health benefit option that allows employees to choose the individual health insurance plan that works best for them and their current location, empowering them to take control of their health. stipends are a fixed amount of money offered to employees to help pay for work, wellness, living expenses, and more. if you don’t have a group plan at your organization, some stand-alone vendors provide eap services that you can add to your benefits package. adding fringe benefits like an hra or stipend shows your employees you care both in and out of the office.

but since i have found common elements that i believe every company should bear in mind when crafting an rto policy, i figured i would do my part to get people started on the right foot. to get it out of the way, i will start with productivity because it so often becomes a sticking point in rto discussions. once you have a clear sense of what your business needs are and the employee metrics required to support those needs, you can begin to ask how your office, or colocation more broadly, can be leveraged to support your employees in achieving their targets. any employees reluctant to come in will be highly motivated to seek alternatives so you can save time and stress by thinking through the options ahead of time.

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what about your team members who want to be in the office every day? this meant that she was losing an hour of valuable time with her team members every day while she sat on public transportation and then spent all day in the office locked in one of the phone booths. when their company crafted an rto policy that required a minimum percent of operationally focused meetings be attended in person, the ability to walk over and debate ideas or talk to the technicians without stopping the production work made a huge, positive impact. this means that your policy has the power to enable and the power to impede.

accellier is the provider of choice for thousands of people and hundreds of organisations in australia and around the world. accellier is the trading name of save training pty ltd and is a registered training organisation (rto 32395) that offers a range of nationally recognised courses in education and business australia wide through our online and face to face courses. when all members of the organisation understand what the policies are, it’s like having everyone’s compass pointing in the same direction. a key difference for an rto, is that the policies should align to one of the major regulatory requirements of an rto – the standards for rtos. that’s the objective of having a good set of policies. while doing some research recently for some training, i developed a set of policy statements that align with the standards for rtos.

the wording is essentially a set of statements that the rto will do certain things, in a way that meets the requirements of the standards. the document thoroughly addresses all areas of the standards for rtos 2015 but is generic in nature. you will need to consider also how each policy is enacted within your rto. accellier is a leading provider of the certificate iv in training and assessment. naturally, we want to support rtos in their pursuit of compliance and excellence. it is purely for reference, educational purposes, a review tool or a useful starting point for any rto wishing to develop their own policies and procedures which comply with the standards for rtos 2015. you are welcome to freely use and adapt without attribution. with over a decade of service, we will support your trainers and ensure they graduate equipped with the skills needed for excellence.