Safe work procedure template

Safe work procedure template is a sample procedure document that shows the process, common practice of managing a safe work environment for workforce. A professional designed safe work procedure sample can help business and organization to maintain a safe work place and control risks.


Safe Work Procedure Overview

Safe work procedure need to have guidelines and procedure on the best practices. Before you make a detail safe work procedure, it is important to decide what is ‘reasonably practicable ‘to protect people from harm. The process requires weighing up certain matters, including the likelihood of a hazard or risk occurring and the degree of harm that would result, and then making a judgment about what is reasonable in the circumstances.

Safe work procedure needs to get the involvement and support of workers. After the business has establish the safe work procedure, it is essential to make education to the workers. The education and consultation may include sharing of information, giving workers a reasonable opportunity to express views and taking those views into account before making decisions on health and safety matters. The business must consult workers when making decisions about how to control health and safety risks in the business and when proposing any changes to the work environment that may affect their health and safety.

Safe Work Procedure Template

There is procedure template you can download for reference, however, you may use Word or Excel to create your sample safe work procedure template based on business environment and requirements. During the creation process, it is important to understand the safe work procedure format, safe work procedure layout and safe work procedure outline.

The first key part in safe work procedure template is the safe work procedure overview. In the section, you need to give basic introduction on the safe work procedure such as the background information, the key objectives and policy, the work environment etc.

The second key part in safe work procedure sample is the work environment and welfare facilities. In the section, you need to give detail instruction on what is the best practice for working environment and facilities. For example, the housekeeping, the work areas, the air quality, the heat and cold etc.

The last key part in safe work procedure example is the guidelines for specific types of work. In the section, you may list the special types of work that need to addressed. For example, the outdoor work, the remote and isolated work, the accommodation etc.