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the company was founded in 1932 as uniloy accessories corporation, and is located in monroe, north carolina. in 1932 the company was founded[1] in lancaster, new york by earl m. scott as uniloy accessories corporation, an aeronautics parts producer. it later changed its name to scott aviation, and that same year they began creating a portable on-board oxygen system for their pilots. scott aviation was acquired by figgie international in 1967, and in 1976 scott aviation partnered with nasa to produce the first high-pressure scba. [3] scott safety produces fire safety apparatuses, including ppe,[4] air purifying respirators, compressors, and gas detection systems. [6] prior to 2001, the company was traded on the nasdaq under the ticker symbol sctt.

in 2001 the company was acquired by tyco international,[7] and in 2011 it changed its name from scott health and safety to scott safety. [9] on april 26, 2018, 3m announced the rebranding of scott safety to 3m scott fire & safety. [10] the company still produces its flagship product, the scott air-pak scba. [13] it also produces the duraflow breathing apparatus, which is used by medical personnel to avoid breathing in airborne disease such as avian flu. [14] in addition to scott safety gas detection systems, they have published a gas detection system reference guide that covers various gases and their health effects. [17] the image appears in the peripheral view, at nine frames per second over a period of up to four hours. [18] the camera and display mounted in the helmet weighs 8.5 ounces.

3m scott is a premier manufacturer of innovative respiratory and personal protective equipment and safety devices for firefighters, industrial workers, police squads, militaries, homeland security forces, and rescue teams around the world. the 3m scott air-pak x3 scba was designed not only to exceed the new requirements outlined in the 2013 edition of the 1981 and 1982 standards, but also to exceed customer expectations for what an air-pak scba should be. scott safety incorporated end-user feedback in every step of the design process to deliver to the fire service the next platform of air-pak scba. fire ground communications are enhanced with the introduction of the av-3000 ht facepiece, epic 3 communications system, a new “external” hud and optimally positioned “buddy” lights.

the av-3000 sureseal facepiece uses sureseal technology for enhanced comfort and fit, and holds niosh approvals when used with a wide range of 3m scott niosh respirators. the 3m scott mobile air cart is a compact portable air source that accommodates two cylinders, providing an uninterrupted supply of breathing air for up to four users for several hours (by rotating cylinders). also available are two optional independently regulated ports for tools or other low pressure devices. the 3m scott protege zm single gas monitor is an easy-to-use, zero-maintenance gas detection solution that delivers high performance in a small package.

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it’s only right to choose equipment that can help offer you protection from both immediate dangers and the long-term risks related to the work you do every day. 3m scott fire & safety 1,475 people checked in here /scottfire (800) 247-7257 fire station @scottsafety. 3m offers a comprehensive, diverse portfolio of personal protective equipment solutions including 3m scott branded scba, handheld and hands-free thermal, scott scba website, scott safety distributors, scott scba price list, scott scba parts.

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