self watering planters

a self-watering planter uses a reservoir and irrigation to give your plants access to water at the roots, allowing them to drink at their own pace. it is styled to resemble copper but at a fraction of the cost and with the self-watering feature. a cotton rope suspended in the water reservoir brings water up to the soil and plant’s roots, as needed. there is no water level indicator, and the self-watering feature collects extra water, storing enough for just a few days of watering for most plants. this is helpful when you have a large downpour and need to extract water to prevent water-logging—especially important for outdoor plants.

the water level indicator on the window garden aquaphoric self-watering planter is easy to read and use, making it the perfect choice for those new to gardening or self-watering planters. it is also heavy to move once it is assembled and filled with water and soil. look for a water level indicator that is easy to read and is located near the opening for the reservoir. most people check the water level indicator of their self-watering planters every day or two and need to refill them at least once per week. size, material, water reservoir and drainage features, design aesthetic, and value.

for those who have trouble remembering to water their plants on a schedule, these self-watering planters are just the solution to your plant problems. this moistens the soil, and from there, the plant’s roots can absorb the amount of water they need. if you have tropical plants that require keeping the soil moist, a self-watering planter can help prevent them from drying out: you’ll just need to keep the reservoir topped off more often.whether you’re a longtime horticulture enthusiast or new to the houseplant game, these 10 self-watering planters will keep your greens happy and thriving. terracotta is a porous material that can dry out quickly, but when placed in water, it actually allows the water to pass through the material and into the soil inside.this planter is made of a cylinder glass reservoir that houses a terracotta planter, so you just have to set it in the glass portion for perfectly watered plants. simply pour some water into the saucer when it needs a refill, and you’re good to go. if you’re looking for something that can double as a sculptural decor object, this self-watering planter from the sill is just the thing.

once you have your seeds planted in soil, just fill the reservoir cup, and the porous material of the planter will slowly draw it to the plants’ roots as needed. if you have a thin railing on your porch or balcony, it’s the perfect place to hang this planter. if your space lacks the natural light for a flourishing windowsill garden, check out the aerogarden harvest. it also features a sleek digital display with illuminated push-button controls, an internal water pump that periodically runs to help oxygenate the water, and built-in settings to remind users when to add more plant food and water. you can hang this affordable set of seven planters on a fence or wall — a great option for trailing plants. this hydroponic planter is made of resin, a durable material that is easy to clean. instead of sprinkling the individual plants with water, you can just fill up the base with a hose.

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