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sharepoint policy and procedure template is a sharepoint policy and procedure sample that gives infomration on sharepoint policy and procedure design and format. when designing sharepoint policy and procedure example, it is important to consider sharepoint policy and procedure template style, design, color and theme. it works well although i am looking for a better way to handle processes in flowcharts than using visio which has done ok for the last 10 years but isn’t interactive. it is a great starting point for myself (a first time sharepoint user building up my knowledge base). and i perused xoralia carefully. but i would want the premium functionality and, sadly, there is no reasonably priced package for a small company. i have less than 20 employees and the price of a 1-100 user license would increase the burn rate to something that just isn’t sustainable. a 1-20 employee package for less than 300 a year would be a win – win. the cost of migration to other platforms rises as a company grows in size, especially considering opportunity costs of a company experiencing healthy growth. especially since there is a self-install option for xoralia.

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this means there is almost no real cost to microsoft whatsoever as all the small fish that disappear will eat up little to no fish food along the way. lastly, as i always want microsoft to succeed (i’m a big fan and i can take some heat for it but i don’t care)…i do question the name of this addon. if you can’t easily say it, you can’t easily spell it. still looks like an amazing product though and i hope to one day be a big fish that can use it 😉 regardless, i really appreciate your article! it has been really helpful, and i will put this information to good use. hi @nishacurran can you share some info on how you have built the attestation functionality? @hawtrey great article – gave me a good idea of what we need to incorporate in a policy management system – we are a start up and have lots of policies and no system. my issue with microsoft is that we have lots of ‘bank staff’ who work occasionally for us and need to access our policies but they do not need a microsoft account.

we are a digital workplace consultancy and microsoft partner that specialises in delivering technology solutions and services to help people transform their digital workplace. the pain points in this area are significant – policies can often be hard to locate, difficult to track, and challenging to enforce, leading to substantial risks for the company. if you use sharepoint or sharepoint online, then that is likely to be at the root of how most people manage documents their documents and files in your organisation. as most organisations already use sharepoint for their intranet or for communication sites, it is easy to integrate a policy document library into the channels that employees already have access to.

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overall, using sharepoint for policy management is the way to go. at the heart of xoralia policies are robust policy management features to ensure that documents are kept up to date and your library remains the one source of truth for policies. because xoralia policies can be applied to an existing sharepoint library it means you can convert an existing policy library to the app. when it comes to managing your policies and ensuring your employees can find and access them, sharepoint is a strong option. introducing xoralia, an intelligent and powerful policy management software that automates and streamlines policy processes and has been specifically designed and developed to use in your existing sharepoint and microsoft 365. book in a live demo with us to discuss your project and find out more about our services, solutions and how we can add value to your digital workplace.

if you are already using sharepoint server or office 365 in your organization then docread is the perfect policy management software solution for you. docread is ideal for policy and procedure management, but you can also assign office documents, videos, images, pdf’s and surveys for example. docread integrates seamlessly into microsoft sharepoint server and office 365, meaning that the policy and procedures life-cycle can now be entirely managed and controlled from sharepoint. request that your employees read and digitally acknowledge policies and procedures stored in microsoft sharepoint by a deadline you set.

target policies and procedures to tens of thousands of users at once, by simply choosing a sharepoint group or rules-based audience. receipts certify who read a policy and when – providing a great auditing solution. docsurvey is an add-on tool for docread for sharepoint 2019 that requires a quiz or survey to be completed before the user can confirm reading a document. docread is able to utilize smart move to ensure that your users only ever receive the correct policies and procedures. read how smart move can save you hours of manual administration and enhances this policy management software.