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simple procedure template is a simple procedure sample that gives infomration on simple procedure design and format. when designing simple procedure example, it is important to consider simple procedure template style, design, color and theme. simple procedure allows you to apply to civil court to claim money you’re owed by a person or a business. if you’re thinking of taking court action using the simple procedure, you should consult an experienced adviser, for example at a citizens advice bureau. going to court should be a last resort. you should use civil online to complete your simple procedure application and make your claim. if you can’t apply using civil online, you can ask to use a paper form. you have to include a note for the sheriff with the paper form explaining why you can’t use civil online. then you can either post it or hand-deliver it to the sheriff court. you will have to make 2 copies and pay a fee, unless you’re exempt.

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contact your local citizens advice or seek legal advice if you are in any doubt. find more information about making a simple procedure claim on the scottish courts and tribunals website or at a citizens advice bureau. you don’t have to use a solicitor to take or defend legal action when using simple procedure. however, you can choose to use a solicitor or have a lay representative. if your claim is worth more than £5,000, you should consider using a solicitor to take any legal action as the court rules can be complex. you might be eligible for civil legal aid if you’re on a low income, which means you would get some help with the costs of a solicitor. how to use simple procedurecosts of civil court action using the simple procedurehelp with the simple procedure claim formwhat happens if you are taken to court for money you owe copyright ©2024 citizens advice. registered number 1436945 englandregistered office: citizens advice, 3rd floor north, 200 aldersgate, london, ec1a 4hd

if you have followed correct procedures and your co-owners still won’t pay their share for common or mutual repairs, you can use the new simple procedure claims action at the sheriff court to recover what is owed to you. the sheriff clerk at the court will help you with procedures but cannot give advice on points of law. this person cannot speak on your behalf but may take notes, help you cope with the papers, and quietly remind you about points to make or questions to ask. if you are unable to complete the form electronically, you must contact your local sheriff court and seek the sheriff’s approval to complete the claim in paper format.

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when submitting the claim in paper format, you must complete two copies of the simple procedure claim form (form 3a) and send both copies to the sheriff court dealing with your claim. if there is a problem with your claim and you submitted it online, the fee will be refunded automatically and the form will be sent back to you to correct. if you are worried that the respondent will deliberately try and dispose of money or sell their flat in order to avoid payment, you can serve a provisional orders application. you must use this form to list all the evidence and documents that you are lodging with the court. if you are having difficulty getting access to the documents you need, ask the court for help.