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small business operations manual template is a small business operations manual sample that gives infomration on small business operations manual design and format. when designing small business operations manual example, it is important to consider small business operations manual template style, design, color and theme. it defines the roles of employees, what they are responsible for, how to carry out a process, what to do in case of an emergency and so on. it can come in the form of a printed small booklet or an online resource like a company wiki. operations manual may differ from company to company and they may also vary in size; while some companies create operations manuals that are multiple pages long, some stick with a few documents. and with swimlanes, you can also indicate the process owners or the department that is responsible for carrying out the process steps like in the process map example below. that mostly deal with things related to employees and their behavior. an organizational chart is an excellent tool to help you quickly visualize the company hierarchy and reporting relationships among the employees and their seniors in a smart way.

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in such a case, it helps to have specified the steps you need to take to minimize the impact. keep the manual accessible and understandable to employees at all levels. treat the operations manual as a living document that requires regular updates. design the manual to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. in addition to the elements we have discussed here you could include more areas like mission and vision statement, company goals, legal requirements etc. she is an avid reader, a budding writer and a passionate researcher who loves to write about all kinds of topics.

an operations manual is the backbone of your company – the encyclopedia for your business. one of the biggest advantages of having an operations manual is that it forces you to have fully documented processes for every task you do more than once. by having an operations manual to store your sops and important internal data, you can easily onboard new employees and identify the factors limiting your ability to scale. there’s not much to explain here in terms of content (since it will greatly vary depending on your size and layout), but you do have a couple of options for how to present it.

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you could combine this part of the operations manual with the job description section if you want to have a more compact document, but having a separate list of contacts can make it easier to skim through and immediately get the correct information. printing out a physical operations manual means that any changes you make will need to be added in an appendix or you’ll have to completely reprint the document. meanwhile, if you’re using process street, you can manage your operations manual by creating a folder, and then organizing your processes into subfolders. speaking of which, after you’ve documented your processes for the first time you’ll want to do a little process improvement and see if there’s anything you can tweak to make them better. ben mulholland is an editor at process street, and winds down with a casual article or two on mulholland writing.

your handbook should include your standardized operating procedures, so your staff knows how you expect the company to be run if you are away from your business. although the exact contents of your operations handbook depend on your industry and business, the following is a general guideline to help you create your operations handbook: this section should comprise the bulk of your operations handbook, including how company processes work and any policies related to employees and customers. policies are rules (what to do and what not to do). you may want to create a separate section for key personnel or managers. the manager section would include critical information you don’t want all employees to have access to, such as: you will also need to include sections explaining the policies and procedures for each department. for service businesses, focus on how you’d like customers to be treated, what extras employees can offer to make a sale, when a supervisor should be called in to handle an upset customer, etc.

to keep your business safe and prevent putting your critical information at risk, you must establish cybersecurity policies for employees to follow. require employees to protect and update passwords according to a set schedule and to use company antivirus software programs. now that more businesses operate under a hybrid work model, your operations handbook should include guidelines and policies regarding when and how employees can work from home. most companies today make the operations handbook available to view and download from the company website or intranet. having the handbook in the cloud makes it easy for you to update and for employees to access. this helps ensure your business is in good hands, even when you’re not around, and enables smoother business operations.