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the this old house reviews team evaluated the best electric tillers on the market to help you make a smart purchase. an efficient tiller will help create a beautiful garden, while others may be destructive to your plants and soil. we compared five of the best electric tillers on the market, synthesized customer reviews, and answered frequently asked questions to help you select the best electric garden tiller for your needs. by purchasing an electric tiller, you don’t need to worry about additional fees or pressing deadlines, and the only place you need to transport it is to your garden or project. a cultivator is also easier to maneuver and more lightweight than its electric tiller counterparts, which is particularly useful if you have limited strength and mobility.

it will provide more power than a cultivator and make establishing and working your small- to medium-sized garden easier and more fulfilling. the more intense your electric tiller needs (breaking ground, for instance), the greater the cost. not only is an electric tiller more earth-conscious, but it is also easier to start, simpler to store, and requires less maintenance. the this old house reviews team has written over 1,000 reviews on products in the home space, from cordless drills to kitchen trash cans, lawn mowers, and dining room decorations. once we conclude the research phase, we craft a well-rounded, user-friendly article that includes our recommended products and additional information to help homeowners like you make the right purchase.

it really depends on the size of the space you are tilling and the condition of the soil. for larger spaces, you want maximum tilling depth and width, enabling you to get the job done faster. but for most home gardeners, a small tiller offers a better balance of convenience and capability. gas-powered mini garden tillers may have a 1- or 2-horsepower engine. the lightweight of small tillers makes them easy to handle and generally more user-friendly than larger machines. many models have folding handles for compact storage so they’ll take up less space when they’re not in use (which is most of the year). with the tines closer together, you can till in smaller spaces or between rows of plantings.

some small tillers also have an adjustable cultivator depth up to about 5 inches, but if adaptability isn’t important to you, you can opt for a non-adjustable type that will dig even deeper. the primary drawback of small garden tillers is that they aren’t designed for working in large areas. small garden tillers are fairly durable but do not think you can carve a new planting bed out of untamed, native soil with electric models or any other of the small garden tillers on the market. the idea is to further break down clumps of earth so that you have a friable soil in which to grow your plants. an example of a small rototiller is the earthwise cultivator, available on amazon. this electric unit has a tilling width of 11 inches, and it cultivates down 8 inches deep. the greenworks product has an adjustable tilling width of up to 10 inches and a tilling depth of 5 inches.

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mini tillers typically have a small tilling width between 4 and 12” or so. tillers and mini cultivators with a smaller tilling width are excellent for turning a garden tiller is the better option for heavier-duty projects. it will provide more power than a cultivator and make establishing and working your small- to small tillers are ideal for working in tight spaces, like between existing plantings or along fences. a small front-tine tiller won’t, garden tiller, cultivator vs tiller, garden tiller clearance, home depot tiller.

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