solar pond fountain

we are proud to feature this exciting new line of solar floating pond fountains engineered to save you time and money while benefiting the environment of your outdoor space. the new elite line of solar-powered floating fountains features eco-friendly, high-quality pumps and motors with industry-leading control panels that feature direct drive™ solar controllers designed for optimal run time. they do not need nor require electricity and instead rely 100% on solar energy to operate! one of the most important components of the solar fountains are their highly efficient monocrystalline solar panels and the direct drive™ solar controller operating system. as a result, this leads to a longer lifetime of the motor and other internal parts.

we experimented with different materials and components and have designed these to last the longest of all solar fountains that will come to the market, that is why we offer a 15-year warranty, the longest in the industry, on the solar panel components. the solar panels are made of monocrystalline materials, meaning that the panels take up less space and have the highest efficiency rates compared to a system of polycrystalline solar panels. to see pictures of these nozzle patterns or to see performance specs, please contact us or your nearest elite dealer. the beauty of the nozzle variations will enhance the enjoyment of the water feature and will make your lake or pond a statement piece on your property! the floatation device also has a low-profile appearance and also has a high-strength stainless steel frame. it is easy to assemble and is guaranteed a 5-year warranty.

the biggest single benefit of a solar pump for most pond owners would be the lack of monthly running costs. they function the same as a fountain pump, with both solar panels and a battery for collecting charge. if you want to add a small 3ft fountain to your 300 gallon pond, however, a solar powered fountain pump may be the perfect solution. the pump is fairly powerful for a solar pump, and will start working after around 3-5 seconds of bright sunlight collection. if you want to run your fountain display after hours, this kit would be a solid choice as it has one of the longest lasting battery packs we’ve seen on a solar model. with that said, in terms of solar power, the pump is one of the strongest we’ve tested and the solar panels are large enough to produce a good amount of current.

if you also want maximum twilight operation, the battery pack is one of the best we’ve seen, with the solar pond lights being a nice touch to complete the package! the solar panel is attached to a plastic stake for positioning, and the pump comes with a single fountain attachment head. hi we are looking for a solar fountain pump that can also have a small addition hose attached to it for a small water stream you could simply add a standard tee fitting to some flexible hose which would then drive water to both the fountain and water stream. to give you an idea, this is the type/size of panel you’d probably be looking at- /store/solar-powered-fountains-c-105.html i have a water feature which is a peice of slate that has a hole in and approximately 2 ft tall which pump would you recommend to get maximum height so that you get a good splash coming from the bore hole. if so, yes, a solar pump with a decent amount of head height should be fine for the job. we are hoping to have a “waterfall” going from one to the other…would this work with one of these solar pumps? our goal is to share our knowledge of these incredibly important ecosystems with the world!

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