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sop accounting template is a sop accounting sample that gives infomration on sop accounting design and format. when designing sop accounting example, it is important to consider sop accounting template style, design, color and theme. drafts, letters, sops > 285 this statement of position (sop) provides guidance on accounting for certain costs and activities relating to property, plant, and equipment (pp&e). b. preacquisition and acquisition-or-construction stage costs should be charged to expense as incurred unless the costs are directly identifiable with the specific pp&e. directly identifiable costs include only: 1. incremental direct costs of activities incurred in transactions with independent third parties for the specific pp&e. d. removal costs incurred during replacement of pp&e, except for certain demolition costs, should be charged to expense as incurred.

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those costs should be charged to expense, except for acquisitions or replacements of components that are capitalizable under the in-service stage guidance of this sop. component accounting for a replacement should begin at the time of replacement. if an entity replaces a part or portion of a pp&e asset that has not been previously accounted for as a separate component, and the replacement meets the definition of a component, then the entity should capitalize the replacement, account for it as a separate component going forward, estimate the net book value of the replaced item, and charge that net book value to depreciation expense in the period of replacement. accounting standards executive committee, “proposed statement of position : accounting for certain costs and activities related to property, plant, and equipment;accounting for certain costs and activities related to property, plant, and equipment; exposure draft (american institute of certified public accountants), 2001, june 29” (2001). note: the latest versions of adobe reader do not support viewing pdf files within firefox on mac os and if you are using a modern (intel) mac, there is no official plugin for viewing pdf files within the browser window.