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sop draft template is a sop draft sample that gives infomration on sop draft design and format. when designing sop draft example, it is important to consider sop draft template style, design, color and theme. will their stand-in be able to complete the tasks? work instructions flow from the steps of an sop: an sop describes “what” needs to be done, and wis describe “how” it is done. a single sop is useful to the people directly involved in that task, but an entire body of sops provides high-level context and shows how tasks are related. a cycle is created from policy to sop, sop to work instructions, and the output of the work instructions shows the policy is successfully carried out. this makes it easier for your audience to navigate and benefit from the sop.

sop draft format

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an sop should focus on the process, so try to be tool- or software-independent. for example, a customer may have an sop that describes the entire software development lifecycle process, starting with initial development through testing and deployment to production. to document the new process, i put together an sop of the steps involved. once drafted but before it’s put in place, test the sop to ensure that it is accurate and usable. schedule a review of the sop at least every 6 to 12 months. wenchi has a computer science degree from the university of chicago and is a bmc certified professional in server automation.