spring bulbs

and few plants are as easy to grow as spring-blooming bulbs. you plant them in the fall and wait. they send down roots in the fall and can continue growing at a slower rate throughout the winter. choose a site that will get plenty of sunshine in the spring. and make sure ​you keep them watered until the ground freezes. these six spring bulbs are the easiest to grow and will give you the biggest bang for your buck. planting several varieties will keep your garden in bloom all spring. the hybrids tend to be a little larger and bloom a little later. they are also incredibly easy to grow or force in containers.

they live longer than you will, with a lot less care. they come in luscious shades of yellow, cream, and pink, and many are fragrant. there are even daffodils that don’t require cold weather to set blooms. take a look at each one individually, smell its overwhelming perfume, and you’re bound to notice a family resemblance to the lily. it’s hard to miss a naturalized drift of blue siberian squill (scilla siberica) in the spring. luckily the foliage is low and wispy, so you won’t have to watch it fade away for weeks after the flowers disappear. snowdrops (galanthus) look deceptively dainty but they can take cold winds and icy temperatures and keep on blooming. is there a flower that comes in more bright and cheery colors than tulips? the earliest varieties will start blooming in march.

mass in groups of 6 to 12 for the best effect. these reliable hardy bulbs are easy to grow and long-lived, providing many years of spring color in the landscape. zones: 4-9 exposure: partial to full shade bloom time: fall to spring height/spread: upright mounding or spreading habit; 2 to 6 inches tall, 4 to 12 inches wide uses: naturalize in a woodland setting; plant in a rock garden or container; combine with other early spring plants such as witch hazel, hellebores, and snowdrops. zones: 9-10 exposure: full sun to partial shade bloom time: spring and summer height/spread: upright habit; 12 to 24 inches tall, 3 to 6 inches wide uses: grow in a garden bed, greenhouse or containers for cut flowers. zones: 2-8 exposure: full sun to partial shade bloom time: early spring height/spread: upright spreading habit; 3 to 6 inches tall and wide uses: naturalize in open woodlands, or underneath deciduous trees and shrubs.

zones: 3-8 exposure: full sun to partial shade bloom time: early spring height/spread: low spreading habit; 3 to 10 inches tall and 1 to 6 inches wide uses: mass underneath trees and shrubs, in a woodland or rock garden. mass in groups of at least 6 to 12 for the greatest impact. zones: 4-8 exposure: full sun to partial shade bloom time: late spring height/spread: upright habit; 32 to 38 inches tall and 3 to 6 inches wide uses: plant in beds, borders, or cottage gardens; combine with other spring blooming bulbs or perennials. pre-chill bulbs for 12 to 16 weeks and plant in spring. plant bulbs alongside perennials such as hosta that will grow up to hide the unsightly bulb foliage.

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