sprinkler winterization

welcome to the take charge of your home series from direct energy! but simply shutting down your sprinkler system isn’t enough — you must also completely drain the water from the system to prevent it from freezing, expanding and cracking your underground pipes. if you don’t know your system well, it’s good to have a trained eye looking over the process. not all systems need to have the water blown out of them. simply shut off the main water supply to your system and open the drain valves at the end of each zone. next, adjust the pressure gauge on the air compressor to 80 psi if you have a pvc pipe system, or 50 psi if you have a polyethylene pipe system.

use the control panel to open that zone only and put on your eye protection. you or your spotter should see water coming from the zone’s drain valve, if not the sprinkler heads themselves. when all the water is out of the line, close the drain valve at the end of the zone and move on to the next closest zone. if your system is equipped with a removable pump, it’s also best to completely disconnect the pump and bring it inside for the winter. you can disconnect the power source completely or, if your system has a winter or shut-down mode, switch it to that setting. direct energy offers the tools and technology to help you buy less of what we sell.

step 1: shut off the water. it will come as no surprise that the first step is turning off the water to the system with a main valve that’s usually found near luckily, you can avoid frozen and burst irrigation pipes. to keep your investment functional, make it an annual habit to winterize your irrigation system. all you need to do is turn on the sprinklers while the water is shut off. this will drain the majority, but some residual water will still, .

how do i “winterize” my irrigation system 1. insulate your assets: 2. stay in control: 3. drain the pipes: 4. protect valves and backflow preventers:. disconnect the hose as soon as they run dry. you’ll notice the sprinkler heads spitting and misting. don’t overdo the blowout—without water there’s water sitting right behind it, and some of it is probably in a small section of pipe that is exposed to the elements. wrap this length, .

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