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standard operating environment template is a standard operating environment sample that gives infomration on standard operating environment design and format. when designing standard operating environment example, it is important to consider standard operating environment template style, design, color and theme. associated names and concepts include: administrators typically implement soe as a standard disk image for mass deployment to multiple computers in an organisation, to ultimately set security controls and increase the security posture of an environment. an soe can apply to servers, desktops, laptops, thin clients, and mobile devices. the major advantage of an soe in a business environment is the reduction in the cost and time taken to deploy, configure, maintain, support and manage computers. a standardized, repeatable and automated solution creates a known, expected and supportable environment. the introduction of bring-your-own-device (byod) and the significant increase in employee-supplied devices has led many organisations to reconsider the use of an soe.

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there are many windows deployment guides and tools available from microsoft and other vendors. however, some do not have the capability to build all features in one single soe and their processes often include documented manual configuration steps. whereas deploying a disk image originating from a system with non-identical hardware will often result in boot failure with windows, the process is generally achievable on unix systems with the caveat that the systems must be of the same computer architecture and drivers will need to be installed on the image for all the possible hardware configurations. since apple does not have third party computer manufacturers usually only hardware add-ons are a concern with respect to drivers. there are also a number of vendor-specific soe systems for various linux/unix-like distributions. in red hat enterprise linux this is typically done by using kickstart scripts, there are specific products to create and manage an soe like red hat network satellite server which avoid the disk space usage and maintenance difficulties of managing disk images.

here’s another definition, excerpted from an soe primer at “an soe is a standard operating environment, or a specific computer operating system and collection of software that an it department defines as a standard build.” soes can help simplify and streamline everything from provisioning and deployment to patching and other operational tasks. this is the big one, and it encompasses everything from keeping costs under control to reducing the amount of time spent on repetitive management and support tasks. “companies that use soe can benefit from a reduction in costs and time associated with the deployment, configuration, maintenance, and support of workstations,” listingart says.

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rather, if containers need to be updated, running containers are shut down and updated ones are fired up in their place.” that can mitigate one of the challenges of soes: it’s not always easy to enforce the standards in an airtight fashion, especially in large-scale environments. “while devops processes and infrastructure-as-code have advanced the cause of a standard operating environment for servers, it is with containers, along with serverless functions, that the promise of a truly uniform operating environment can be achieved,” says tsvi korren, field cto at aqua security. “replacing human interaction with automation tools, and implementing a new set of controls over the orchestration system and containers themselves will detect and prevent drift, keeping the operating environment standard over time,” korren says.