structural firefighting gear

one way to keep out contaminants is to make ppe fully encapsulating, but that doesn’t work for firefighting because the more you tighten the interfaces, the less air exchange you have, which impacts breathability and limits how body heat escapes from the gear.” alysha gray, lion’s product marketing director for fire ppe, says lion’s turnout gear blocks particulate contamination in interface areas by using dupont’s™ nomex⮠nano flex fabrics in combination with lion’s liner system. we also are looking at other technology that is evolving because we want to stay on the forefront of design and the use of new materials.” todd herring, director of marketing for fire-dex, agrees that heat stress and particulate protection are the two major issues facing turnout gear makers.

doug dafler, director of sales for veridian fire protective gear, believes that along with the focus on protecting against particulate contamination, there should be a continued focus on cleaning and deconning gear more often. if the fabric and the garment are working against you, making it harder to move, it generally places more stress on the wearer, so if there are things we can do with a fabric to prevent that, like a combination of lighter weight and flexibility, then that stress can be reduced.” he notes that his firm “is the only manufacturer in the world making pbi, the polybenzimidazole fiber found in various fire service fabrics. “we can do it through the design of the garment and also through advances in fabric technology.

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