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here’s why you can trust us grow these best summer bulbs to fill your garden with color and scent through the season, with advice on when and how to plant them summer bulbs offer a wealth of colors, scents and flower forms, yet are often overlooked in favor of their earlier spring-flowering cousins. they combine well with achillea, helenium and salvia,’ says victoria evans, gardener at the national trust’s packwood house (opens in new tab), which boasts outstanding summer flower borders. dahlias can bloom throughout the summer months and with many varieties to choose from, once you know how to grow dahlias you will be truly spoilt for choice. the exception is a. sphaerocephalon, which will flower into fall and can be planted in spring.

he advises adding a good amount of grit to the compost and putting three plants into a pot that’s just big enough. good drainage is key, and fertility is important if they are destined to stay in the spot for a long while. while summer bulbs can be planted in the ground, gardening guru monty don loves to plant them in containers to better control their soil conditions and to ensure a seamless succession of color in the garden. ‘add a bit of grit to the compost – and you can’t really overdo this so don’t be coy about it,’ says don. always harboring a passion for homes and gardens, she jumped at the opportunity to work on the english home and the english garden magazines for a number of years, before joining the period living team, then the wider homes & gardens team, specializing in gardens.

so, you’re searching the web for answers about your summer bulbs. we bought you front garden ideas, how to grow your own vegetable garden, and how to make the most of small outdoor spaces: next up, your complete guide to summer bulbs. the clue’s in the name with this one really – spring bulbs flower in the spring, and summer bulbs flower in the summer. “there are some wonderful summer-flowering bulbs that you can plant, and there are some easy tricks to make sure you make the most of their scent and structure,” he shares. alongside those, there are also the lactiflora varieties of peony, agapanthus, gladioli, nerine for late summer and early autumn, as well as canna and zantedeschia, he explains. the majority of summer bulbs are sun worshipers, so mark recommends planting them in full sun. “whereas spring bulbs, such as crocus, narcissus, muscari and tulip, are planted in the autumn and flower in the spring, summer bulbs are planted in the spring once the soil is beginning to warm up,” explains mark.

fun fact: you can actually plant the hardy summer flowering bulbs such as lilies and crocosmia in the autumn, shares kate. “less hardy varieties, such as gladiolis and begonias, must only be planted outside when all risk of frost has passed in late spring or, if you’re keen to get going, they can be potted indoors in mid-spring and moved outside when the weather warms up,” she explains. top tips from mark: if you want to get a head start on summer you can grow summer bulbs indoors in a greenhouse, conservatory or warm porch a month or two before transplanting outdoors. again, it’ll vary from flower to flower, so always read the packet as it’ll give you clear instruction on how to plant and care for your bulb. mark and tom both advise watering regularly, as you would do for any other flowering plant, but being mindful not to overwater and drown the bulbs. “all of the summer bulbs mentioned above are perfect for growing in pots and containers,” shares mark. make the most of your time at home and enjoy good housekeeping delivered directly to your door every month!

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