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surgery report template is a surgery report sample that gives infomration on surgery report design and format. when designing surgery report example, it is important to consider surgery report template style, design, color and theme. get to know the surgeons and faculty members who make up uchicago medicine’s department of surgery. dr. christopher salerno is a world renowned pioneer in the field of cardiac surgery. dr. konstantin umanskiy is one of colorectal surgery’s most celebrated surgeons. dr. sarah shubeck is an expert in the field of breast oncology. as a specialist in otology and neurotology, dr. terence imbery focuses on hearing disorders, and has been “blessed” to be able to give people the gift of hearing. in addition, dr. henry is a staunch advocate in the fight to end gun violence against children. dr. jessica donington, is chief of the section of thoracic surgery.

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dr. rolf barth is a devoted family man and dedicated transplant surgeon. in a field where a lack of donor organs is a constant and harsh reality, dr. barth finds solace in his colleagues and his promising research. a strong connection to family and his patients keep him grounded. when he’s not using cutting -edge technologies like blue light cystoscopy to find small, hard-to detect tumors, dr. agarwal enjoys spending time with friends and family. outside of the or, he is a father, brother, son, husband, friend, music lover, and video game enthusiast. dr. ervin kocjancic recently joined the department of surgery as an expert in reconstructive urology and gender affirmation surgery. dr. anthony douglas, md is a second-year resident in the section of general surgery. the department of surgery gives a heartfelt thank you to the following individuals and organizations for contributing $10,000 or more in 2022–23.

cognitive task analysis of laparoscopic cholecystectomy was conducted, and a model operative report was generated and compared with the actual operative reports. our objective was to determine how frequently operative reports from university and community hospitals for uncomplicated and complicated (with bdis) procedures contained a description of the critical findings and key technical steps of the operation. the operative reports were analyzed, and those with and without bdi were compared. none of the operative reports in cases with bdis contained what we perceived to be a minimum of the desired elements. in the other 89 operative reports (71.2%), the number of clips on the cystic duct and artery was specified (range, 4-15; median, 6).

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elements of operative reports that correlated with bdi included absence of these elements, notation of an abnormal or additional bile duct, dissection of the common bile duct–cystic duct junction, and description of irregular cues. the operative reports from individual surgeons were more similar, but some were characteristically dictated in substantial detail and others were more cursory within each of the hospitals. with few exceptions, the occurrence of a bdi in a surgeon’s practice is an isolated event and has been preceded by many hundreds of uncomplicated cholecystectomies.14 therefore, bdis do not seem to result from chronically inferior operative strategies. in addition to being flawed records, they weakly recount the technical goals and strategies of the operative procedure. (6) finally, cta-based operative reports should aid in the detection and understanding of performance deviations associated with technical complications.