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surgical log book template is a surgical log book sample that gives infomration on surgical log book design and format. when designing surgical log book example, it is important to consider surgical log book template style, design, color and theme. our logbooks for medicine and surgery cover the major specialties and continue to expand rapidly. we currently provide a comprehensive procedural database covering the following areas: your logitbox logbook is modular and expandable, built around a series of logbook categories including procedures, clinics, admissions, mdt meetings and cpd, all specifically designed to capture information relevant to keeping a jrcptb and gmc-compliant logbook. the procedure category defaults to a set of procedures relevant to your parent specialty, but you can add specialties and even individual procedure types as you need, for example.

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the final result is a logbook that is customized not only to you, but to the accreditation requirements of the specialties in which you practise. our surgical section is therefore aimed at doctors accumulating surgical experience outside of surgical specialty training, for example those aquiring surgical experience before being appointed to a surgical training scheme, doctors hoping to accredit via cesr or those needing to evidence experience aquired on overseas fellowships, and so forth. the joint royal colleges postgraduate training board has not, as yet, specified that trainees should use any specific logbook system to supplement the nhs e-portfolio. physician trainees are therefore free to choose their own preferred arrangement for keeping training logbooks.

this feasibility study demonstrates the utility of the ios shortcuts app in the creation of a surgical logbook and the time-consuming nature of data collection for surgical audit. in australia, it is mandatory to maintain a logbook when undertaking surgical training with the royal australasian college of surgeons (racs); racs provides a minimum and extended suggested data set for both trainee and consultant logbooks [1]. however, there are some barriers to mobile access to malt, including a multistep login process, reliance on an internet connection, and the absence of a mobile app, which may limit its use in prospective data capture [2]. for the purpose of evaluation, a timer was started at the initiation of the shortcut and stopped upon data storage, in order to determine the time taken to use this tool.

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the tool was practically assessed for feasibility, with a surgical registrar entering 20 mock operations into the minimum and extended data field shortcuts. the main barrier for the completion of a prospective surgical logbook is the time required for completion, and mobile apps hold the potential for a tool that is portable, accurate, and time saving. this software is well suited for an app such as the surgical logbook, and the provided example files can be utilized as a framework to create a specialty-specific logbook with user customization. further development of this app and the inclusion of an additional complications shortcut may allow for automation of data entry related to complications.

most surgeons have some method by which they accomplish this often tedious task – a pile of notecards, a notebook, and so on. surgical logbook is a universal ios app which aims to assist surgeons and trainees at all levels to record the operations they have completed. surgical logbook has an a attractive user interface which is well thought out and easy to use. adding a new case is remarkably easy and there is a good range of predetermined fields to complete. exporting the logbook is simple and robust and a csv file is emailed out. one of the major concerns about using any app used to store sensitive data is security.

surgical logbook offers the option of setting a password although there is no information given regarding the security of the database that confidential data is stored in. the ideal solution would be some form of encryption although it is not clear whether or not this is the case. another potential drawback is the inability to have your logbook verified by a more senior surgeon. there is no easy way to accomplish this task without exporting the complete logbook each time and asking the senior surgeon to verify it. the stats tab is a useful addition and allows you to filter records by any of the criteria which was stored e.g. there is a useful ability to export the filtered results in a csv file via email. imedicalapps is an independent online medical publication for medical professionals, patients, and analysts interested in mobile medical technology and health care apps.