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surgical procedure note template is a surgical procedure note sample that gives infomration on surgical procedure note design and format. when designing surgical procedure note example, it is important to consider surgical procedure note template style, design, color and theme. all surgical trainees should know what needs to be detailed in an operation note, and here we present a framework for documenting operations. notes must be completed immediately after an operation by a member of the operating team. increasingly, especially in elective cases, there has been a move towards template based operation notes to standardise layout and the postoperative instructions, making them easier to understand. the operation note should accompany the patient into recovery and to the ward and should give enough detail to enable continuity of care by another doctor. it should also include the specific operation performed, with mention of the site and location, if appropriate, along with method of anaesthesia.

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incision and approach—this should indicate the type of incision or portals used (for example, midline, paramedian, posterior) and approach used. procedure—this should be a step by step account of the operation from incision to closure, starting with any major anatomical structures encountered, then techniques used, tissue excised, prostheses implanted, assisting devices used (image intensifier, gamma probe, tourniquet time), and finally any unexpected complications of the procedure, such as significant blood loss or iatrogenic nerve injury. closure—this should cover any structures or layers closed in order (fascia, fat, skin) and the method of closure, including the material and technique. it is good practice to include things such as venous thromboembolism prophylaxis, samples that have been sent for pathology or microbiology, further antibiotics if required, any instructions to multidisciplinary team members (physiotherapists, for example), specific and clear follow-up instructions, and dressing changes and suture removal, if relevant. it is important to ensure that any intraoperative images taken are attached to the note (or saved to a picture archiving and communication system (pacs)), together with a record of serial numbers of prostheses implanted. if you are unable to import citations, please contact technical support for your product directly (links go to external sites): note: we only request your email address so that the person you are recommending the page to knows that you wanted them to see it, and that it is not junk mail.

a total of 200 op notes were reviewed, 98 during the initial audit cycle and 102 at the re-audit. the need to provide teaching to trainees who are responsible for writing a vast majority of op notes was identified. we conducted a closed-loop audit to assess the quality of general surgical operative notes completed in our local hospital against the guidelines set by rcs [3], with the view to identify deficiencies, educate clinicians regarding this guidance and improve practice. a total of 200 op notes on upper gastrointestinal and colorectal procedures were reviewed, 98 during the initial audit cycle and 102 at the re-audit.

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there was a worsening of documentation of the anaesthetist name to 56.9% (67.3), operative diagnosis to 65.7% (76.5) and the operating assistant was missing from 25% of op notes. previous work has shown improvements in the quality of operative notes by using a surgical electronic template [12-14], and this practice should be advocated to improve standards and ensure patients are properly looked after. this audit was able to standardise the operative notes, improve quality and structure, and achieve sustainable change through the implementation of a structured electronic op note proforma. additionally, articles published within cureus should not be deemed a suitable substitute for the advice of a qualified health care professional.

it is odd that the “procedure note” is defined as “non-operative”. where is the “operative report” or “or report” expected to be? the structure of these two items is the same too. cms-ccsq strongly recommends either expanding the current procedure notes data element that is in uscdi to include the surgical operation note (loinc 11504-8) in addition to non-operative procedure notes or consider adding the distinct operative note data element that is at level 2 to uscdi v5.

currently, the procedure notes data element is limited to non-operative procedures. cms and cdc strongly recommend either expanding these notes to also include the surgical operation note or consider adding the distinct operative note data element to uscdi v4. surgical notes are important to ensure patient access to data and capture interoperable information critical to patient safety, care coordination and hand-offs. maturity: onc already includes non-operative clinical notes in the uscdi and has classified an operative note data element as level 2. current uses, exchange, and use cases: surgical operation notes are routinely captured in ehr systems used by hospitals and providers for care coordination, and hand-offs. surgical notes are important to ensure patient access to data, as well as interoperability of data for care coordination and hand-offs.