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system maintenance policy template is a system maintenance policy sample that gives infomration on system maintenance policy design and format. when designing system maintenance policy example, it is important to consider system maintenance policy template style, design, color and theme. specifies the requirements for the management of the risk that may result from the maintenance of the district of columbia government (“district”) information assets. in addition, this policy applies to any provider and third-party entity with access to district information, information systems, and networks. the district’s agencies must develop and review or update at least every 3 years and after change to the policy, a procedure in support of this policy with the following requirements: 4.1.1. schedule, perform, document, and review records of maintenance and repairs on information system components per manufacturer or vendor specifications and/or organizational requirements. 4.1.4. sanitize equipment to remove any restricted or highly restricted information from associated media, following proper procedure, when the information system or any of its components require offsite information system security maintenance or repairs equipment to remove all information from associated media before removal from organizational facilities for off-site maintenance or repairs.

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the district agencies must approve, control, and monitor the use of information system security maintenance tools and maintain these tools on an ongoing basis. 4.5.2. allow the use of nonlocal maintenance and diagnostic tools only as consistent with organizational policy and documented in the security plan for the information system. 4.7.2. ensure that non-escorted personnel performing maintenance on the information system have required access authorizations. exceptions to this policy shall be requested in writing to the agency’s cio and the request will be escalated to the octo chief information security officer (“ciso”) for approval.