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training sop template is a training sop sample that gives infomration on training sop design and format. when designing training sop example, it is important to consider training sop template style, design, color and theme. you bit the bullet and got your agency’s standard operating procedures (sops) written. even the best written plans, job descriptions and operating policies will be ineffective in shaping performance without an organized and documented system of job training that translates into the workplace. one of the most important uses of sops is as training tools. lack of formal training is the number-one concern in many shelters, for both staff and supervisors?and with good reason. when training does not mirror documented policies and procedures, the scope and specifics of this training are open to reinterpretation by each new person who passes along the information. procedural training should be viewed as a central, and not peripheral, part of the organization’s work.

training sop format

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staff need to read the entire document and then review the sections that relate to their job one-on-one with their supervisor before training starts. in addition to providing the basis for staff training, sops are also critical to meaningful job descriptions and performance objectives. we can’t stress enough the importance of: the implementation of a system for ensuring that all staff are knowledgeable of?and held accountable for?following policies and procedures is essential. using sops makes it easier to be consistent about expectations for every employee and to determine whether performance meets, exceeds, or falls short of expectations. with specific accountability measures linked to procedures and training, the organization can best be assured that proper procedures are followed, and better assure the community of the same. and to help ensure staff that documented procedures are much more than “just a disciplinary tool,” supervisors should document instances when employees go “above and beyond the call of duty.” in┬ápart i of this series, we talked about sops becoming “living documents” that grow and adapt to the needs of your organization.