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for the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on javascript in your browser. train plants to their optimal position and size on a lightweight but strong trellis net. trellis netting is available in a variety of materials, including soft mesh nylon netting and heavy-duty plastics. plastic and nylon trellis netting is made to control the spread of plants in ways that let plants thrive. trellis netting is engineered to last under the stresses of doing its job. nylon trellis netting is soft and gentle, but it’s capable of holding up stems and vines, which attach to it as they grow. garden trellis netting can be suspended vertically, as from a roof edge.

when you choose netting, the main things to consider are how heavy your plants will be, and how big you will allow them to get. trellis net takes up very little storage space. trellis netting for grow rooms and greenhouses should be set up by connecting to vertical poles throughout your garden, often on the perimiter. trellis netting is most often secured by using zip ties to connect it to your vertical poles, or by simply wrapping it around the pole. you want your trellis netting to be as tight as possible so that the trellis netting trains your plants and not the other way around. the netting improves air circulation, exposure to light, and access for easier harvesting. sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive discounts, promotions, and grow tips. on our website, on the phone, or in our retail store, growershouse stays true to its mission of making growers more successful.

in this article, growers network talks about how to incorporate garden trellis netting into your grow and offers a few recommendations for our favorites. the netting can be used for stability or to tuck in branches (supercropping) to create a flat canopy and ensure all of your plants are getting proper support and maximum light penetration. hydrofarm’s modular trellis was made specifically for use in grow tents and is one of the best trellis netting for cannabis. grower’s edge soft mesh trellis is a duable product and especially recommended if you’re concerned with the netting damaging your plants.

grow strong soft trellis netting is another product specially designed to be gentle on your plants. one of the best trellis netting for cannabis, it’s easy to handle, simple to install, and will not tangle. if camoflague is important to you, consider a green trellis netting that will blend in with the plants rather than draw attention to them. the advantages to using trellis netting in your cannabis grow outweigh the potential drawbacks. he worked in education and publishing for ten years before joining the team at growers network.

ideal for growing tomatoes, peas and all vine crops trellis netting can be a huge advantage for growers. trellis your garden and crops for big gains: higher perfect protection netting for plants such as pea, tomato, vine and bean plants and scrog net method. easy to install trellis net- nylon netting is easily cut viagrow’s garden trellis netting 5 ft. x 15 ft. is heavy duty, durable, and easy to use polyester trellis for support of plants. ideal for tomatoes, beans,, .

plastic and nylon trellis netting is made to control the spread of plants in ways that let plants thrive. trellis netting is engineered to last under the achieve higher yields, faster harvest, and improved quality with our commercial-strength trellis netting for vegetable and flower crops. 100% guaranteed. shop great deals on garden trellis netting. get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! shop a huge online selection at, .

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