uhps fire extinguishing system

water and smoke are responsible for the greatest amount of damage. our units get water on the fire faster. they are deployed more rapidly and easily and they extinguish the fire in a fraction of the time, creating a faster, safer and more efficient attack. breaking down the water droplet into 64 smaller droplets creates 10x the surface area. testing has shown that using uhp fire suppression and proper attack patterns, upper-layer room temperatures can be decreased by more than 1,000° f in seconds, faster than any conventional system.

by flowing water at these pressures, water droplets are broken into 64 smaller droplets, creating 10 times the surface area. greater surface area means more contact with the fire and more efficient heat absorption. when using uhp, you’ll only use a fifth of the water to extinguish the fire compared to a conventional low-pressure, high-volume attack. hma fire, in conjunction with the us air force fire research lab (afrl) at florida’s tyndall air force base, tested various flows at conventional (normal) pressure (125 psi) and ultra-high pressure (see chart to the left) in a 3,500 square-foot pit containing 380 gallons of jp-8 military jet fuel. uhp extinguishes the fire faster and more efficiently, reducing firefighter fatigue, exposure to idlh environments, and drastically reducing damage from water.

fire fighting foam system & uhps xl extinguishing systems by rosenbauer. ▷ flexible adaptable to any requirements. ▷ uhps fire fighting system here! an advantage of the uhps ultra-high pressure systems is their small dimensions and low weight. the system can also be housed in compact advance vehicles. thus rosenbauer uhps extinguishing system includes high pressure pump and pipework. the system has a foam proportioning system and produces foam with quarter-life of, nfpa fire extinguisher, nfpa fire extinguisher.

the principle behind the uhps is as simple as it is ingenious. water is atomized at a pressure of 100 bar. this expands the coverage surface area for a better extinguishing effect. as the water droplets vaporize, they deprive the fire of energy. ultra-high pressure (uhp) is defined by the national fire protection agency (nfpa) as pump pressures above 1100 psi. by flowing water at these pressures, water pyrouhp and hma fire are now pyrohma budgets are smaller. fires are burning faster. you need ultra high pressure systems and strategies to win this war. e.j. metals is the leading developer and manufacture of highly effective, ultra high pressure firefighting systems in the u.s. in fact, they’re pioneering the, .

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