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the freedom®vk467 residential upright sprinkler has a k factor of 4.9 (71) and is approved for up to a 16 x 16 ft. (4,9 m x 4,9 m) area of coverage.  the model vk467 is culus listed for installation in any type of residential occupancy, and is particularly well-suited for loft-style residential applications where the sprinkler system’s piping network is exposed.  in these applications, the vk467 residential upright can provide for an easier installation, more efficient hydraulic design, and a lower cost sprinkler system overall.  viking’s residential upright sprinkler can be installed below beams of up to 14 in. (356 mm) in depth and is available in 155°f (68°c) and 175°f (79°c) temperature ratings.  the vk467 is offered in several standard finishes, including viking’s ent plating for corrosion resistant applications.

the basic difference between fire-preventive upright sprinklers and pendant sprinklers is the position each takes on a water pipe. because of their particular configuration, upright and pendant sprinklers are classified as distribution sprinklers. since a pendant type hangs from the pipeline, its water deflector is placed at the bottom, but water spreads in the same circular pattern as that of an upright sprinkler. upright sprinklers, used mostly in warehouses or large structural buildings, do not hide behind the ceiling. when concealed, pendant sprinklers hide under the ceiling under a special cap that falls away when the surrounding temperature rises to a prescribed level.

upright sprinklers are used mostly in places where obstructions may block water spray during a fire, and their height allows them to aim water around possible obstacles. both upright and pendant sprinklers distribute water in a circular manner. this radial water flow pattern begins between the sprinkler orifice and the deflector in a pendant sprinkler, and between the orifice and somewhat slightly above the deflector in the upright type. modern upright model sprinklers have begun to address this issue to match rate response with that of pendant sprinklers. ferrell is a certified automation and control technician from the advanced technology center in el paso, texas.

upright sprinkler design co. is a fire protection sprinkler system design firm, providing architects, engineers, & contractors fire protection systems in viking fire sprinklers standard coverage – standard response standard coverage – quick response extended coverage sprinklers upright and pendent the freedom®vk467 residential upright sprinkler has a k factor of 4.9 (71) and is approved for up to a 16 x 16 ft. (4,9 m x 4,9 m) area of coverage., .

upright fire sprinklers spray water upward to a concave deflector, producing a dome-shaped spray pattern. they install deflector-up to cover order upright fire sprinklers in many temperatures and finishes. commercial and residential from all major manufacturers. buy at qrfs.com! upright sprinkler heads are efficient at dispersing water between obstructions. thus, they are frequently used for rooms that are inaccessible,, .

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