veterinary anesthesia record template

veterinary anesthesia record template is a veterinary anesthesia record sample that gives infomration on veterinary anesthesia record design and format. when designing veterinary anesthesia record example, it is important to consider veterinary anesthesia record template style, design, color and theme. there are many people out there who say that while working to anesthetize their patient they are so busy trying to wear so many “other hats” that record keeping is the least important of the many things they are trying to do. the above situation may seem hard but when you slow down the logistics and look closely at the point of keeping an anesthetic record, you will understand why it is vitally important (see what i did there ????) to record patient parameters under anesthesia. unfortunately, there may be some cases when your record keeping may be viewed as a representation of your dvms overall ability to provide patient care. any mistakes should be crossed out with a single line and initialed by the person doing so. it is preferred to record the administered amount of both milligrams and milliliters given. all final anesthetic records should be signed by the staff who participated in the care of the patient.

veterinary anesthesia record format

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during critical cases it may be necessary to have more than one staff member available to keep proper records and care for the patient. what drugs did i use and how did they work? what could i change to make the patient more comfortable? or do we need to change the approach? sometimes we get so caught up in the routines of procedures and the day to day flow of things that i think we forget to record what seems normal to us. if the answer is yes, i am pleased with my record keeping, if no, then i can – and should – improve!