winter flowering plants

winter flowering plants will bring a touch of colour to dark winter days, and are ideal for beds, borders and containers. if you’re looking for beautiful plants that will bloom even in the dead of winter then you’ll be pleased to know that there are heaps to choose from. take a look at some of the best winter flowering plants to buy for your outdoor space… these sunshine-yellow flowers burst from the ground in late winter — and will bring some beautiful colour to your frost-laden garden. plant a breathtaking border in your garden and watch as the rich purple heads open. this delightful perennial flower provides a burst of beautiful colour during the winter season. they commonly flower from late autumn/december onwards, so expect to see a glorious burst of yellow from the window. these beautiful bright pink flowers will brighten up your winter garden in an instant.

winter jasmine often blooms in early january, creating beautiful sights in your garden at the beginning of the new year. but you can now have a blush pink display in your garden during winter, too. the beautiful winter flowering clematis produces a mass of flowers in a variety of shapes and colours. much like their name suggests, snowdrops are a beautiful winter flower. often known as the flower of hope, these bright-white flowers are as pretty as can be. as well as being cheerful and blooming lovely, they are among the first of the season to offer winter colour in many areas. known as a ‘winter gem’, the sarcococca plant is a handsome bushy plant which will bring bursts of colour during the colder months. famous for its creamy-white fragrant flowers, the winter honeysuckle is a real statement in the garden.

a popular landscape plant in the southeastern united states and pacific coast areas, camellia is an excellent flowering shrub for hedges, borders, and lawns. blooming from october to december, witch hazel is known for its fragrant, yellow flowers that have crinkled, ribbon-shape petals. known for its fragrant yellow flowers, winter hazel is an easy-care, slow-growing shrub. just the sight and smell of winter daphne can snap you out of the winter doldrums. its bright yellow flowers appear on leafless stems in midwinter. as a result, winter jasmine is a champion at stabilizing banks and covering slopes. it features tiny yellow flowers that seem to glow in the late winter sun, followed by bright red fruit in summer.

rather than showy flowers, willows have catkins that appear on its bare stems in late winter and early spring. its cup-shape flowers have overlapping petals and bloom in shades of white, pink, red, purple, and yellow. this low-maintenance groundcover plant is tolerant of cold temperatures, snow, and harsh winds. buy it: galanthus bulbs snowdrops ($24, the home depot); crocus bulbs ($24, the home depot); siberian squill ($14, the home depot) the buttercup-like, fragrant flowers of winter aconite appear in late winter, sometimes bursting up through snow. its bright yellow flowers are one of the earliest nectar sources for pollinators, appearing before crocuses. the fragrant, yellow flowers of grape holly bloom in late winter to early spring. plant this broadleaf evergreen shrub in small groups in shrub borders and foundation plantings. also known as andromeda, this plant showcases cascading chains of bell-shape flowers that look a little like the flowers of the perennial lily of the valley.

14 of the best winter-flowering plants for brightening up the colder months ; 1 camellia. if you’d like to grow a climbing plant in a pot for a winter display, take a look at winter flowering clematis. great varieties are *clematis, .

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