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when choosing the best winter plants for borders, start with evergreen shrubs and trees, which will add an essential backbone to your garden. ‘snowdrops are an absolute must; they lift the spirits like nothing else and remind us of the delights of spring to come,’ says norton. to maintain hellebores, deadhead the flowers once they have died back in the spring, and in winter remove any dead leaves. mahonia makes a fabulous backdrop to other plants in a winter garden, and depending on the variety works at the back of a border or as ground cover.

perhaps the best thing about growing winter plants in pots is that you can completely control their soil type and position, moving them around the garden to suit. with their fabulously flamboyant flowers, winter camellias are one of the first blooms to break through in later winter or early spring, and grow very well in pots. originating from shady woodlands, winter aconites add a cheery dose of sunshine on the darkest of days, flowering in january and february. the best mattress toppers can make your bed feel like new again, bring pressure relief, alter the firmness of your mattress, and help you sleep cooler a timeless neutral with endless potential, white dining room ideas are perfect for both classic and contemporary interiors find out how to grow honeysuckle to enjoy the color, scent and versatility of these wonderful climbing plants and shrubs the spring garden of rosemary alexander, founder of the the english gardening school, is a glorious showcase of her passion and expertize take inspiration from georgian garden design and include some of the features, planting and ideas for your modern home garden country is part of future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

with these winter-flowering plants you will be sure to brighten up your pots and flower borders in no time. this plant has lovely yellow flowers and are suited to growing underneath deciduous trees and shrubs. look out for h. orientalis varieties in white, green and even dark red for spectacular colour. the flowers come in a variety of red, pink and white shades. there are a huge range of viburnum plants for winter colour. look for c. alba sibirica for red stems and c. sericea ‘flaviramea’ for yellow bark. look for galanthus nivalis for a woodland style, and elegant g. ‘magnet’ for flowers that dance in the breeze. crocus flowers are a sign that winter is fading and spring is coming.

this shrub has intensely fragrant flowers in winter and early spring. purparescens ‘freckles’ flowers first with creamy bell-shaped flowers and speckled petals. this large deciduous shrub has drooping racemes of flowers in winter which are very popular with pollinators. look for unusual leaf colour like blue spruce, juniper blue star or yellow and gold conifers. crocus, heather and pansies can be sown in late september. i was looking for something to put in a pot for some color during the winter months. there are many great plants to put into the ground now. i’m a real beginner when it comes to flowers, if i liked the look of it i would buy it not really knowing how to care for it. thanks a million just the site i have been looking for dad has dementia and i like flowers for all seasons so he can look out and see them i have some of the plants on your list and my garden is starting to get colourful despite the cold strong winds we are having, there are some of the fencing posts loose now needing attention but otherwise a little bit of tidying will be welcome for the spring.

give your home’s landscaping a pop of color even during the dark, dreary months of winter. these winter blooming plants flourish in the cold. hyacinths really deliver on flowers and fragrance, making them a great addition to a winter flowering container. south texas gardeners can choose from an array of cheery flowers to brighten winter flower beds. some winter flowers prefer sun, while others like shade., .

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