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workplace visitor policy template is a workplace visitor policy sample that gives infomration on workplace visitor policy design and format. when designing workplace visitor policy example, it is important to consider workplace visitor policy template style, design, color and theme. the workplace visitor policy sets guidelines for receiving visitors at company premises. the workplace visitor policy may also be referred to as a company visitor policy. this policy does not refer to remote employees or employees from other company locations. to ensure safety at work, employees who are on parental leave may enter our premises with visitor passes. employees may bring visitors to company events or after obtaining authorization from [hr/ security officer/ office manager.] we advise our employees to only permit visitors in those areas for a short time and for specific reasons.

workplace visitor policy overview

front-desk employees are responsible for providing contractors and vendors with badges and for instructing them to wear those badges at all times on our premises. any visitors who violate this policy may be escorted out. if that employee is unable to receive their order, front office employees may accept the order on the employee’s behalf upon request. supplies) should be delivered to designated spaces (e.g. employees may not bring or accept visitors in areas where there are dangerous machines or chemicals, confidential records or sensitive equipment. in these cases, employees should provide visitors with the necessary badges and protective equipment to enter premises when needed. employees who violate this policy may face disciplinary consequences in proportion to their violation.

while creating a workplace visitor policy isn’t exciting, it is important. a solid policy will ensure your guests feel welcomed and prepared for their visit while safeguarding your space and everyone in this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know to create a workplace visitor policy. at a high level, a workplace visitor policy is a set of rules that states who’s allowed onsite, when they’re allowed to be there, and which parts of the workplace they can access. in some cases, a company may have a unique policy for each of their visitor types. having a workplace visitor policy in place is important because it helps to: now that you know what a workplace visitor policy is and why it matters, let’s talk about how to create one. if you’re refreshing your workplace visitor policy, consider the sections above and decide what to add.

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here are some of the benefits of using a vms to scale your workplace visitor policy: in addition to implementing a vms, be sure to socialize your visitor policy with your employees. it’ll also increase the likelihood of folks actually adhering to the policy, making it more effective.start by ensuring your employees are aware you have a workplace visitor policy. next, schedule time for a short training to go over the specific sections of the policy. finally, make updates to your policy based on the questions and conversations you have with employees to ensure that it’s clear before expanding it to new locations.—while creating a workplace visitor policy may not be the most rewarding part of your job, it’s up there among the most important. following the tips laid out above will help you build a visitor policy that ensures your guests feel safe, welcomed, and prepared for their visit, while also protecting your workplace and employees at all times. tiffany is a content crafter and writer at envoy, where she helps workplace leaders build a workplace their people love.